Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Why I digi scrap.

Long ago, I was walking with my husband through a home improvement show. I woman I used to work with was at a both selling products to scrapbook your pictures. Now, most of the people who know me know that I love to take pictures. I also have to say that I'm fairly crafty. But, after I said my hello's I left and didn't turn back. I vaguely remember my husband saying something about that (paper scrapbooking) would be something he thought I'd be interested in. I said something about someday I'd start something for the kids.

I have several friends that paper scrapbook. A good friend who moved about 4 hours away from me and 2 from work. The ones from work get together and work on their albums together. It would be nice to join along, but lugging around the laptop and my external hard drive would be somewhat of a pain.

So, it got me thinking about why I scrapbook. The girls at work would talk about their projects and it was something I wanted to do for my kids (my son was starting 4K that fall). Being both of my parents are gone, I would have loved to have something to look back upon for myself, but I still didn't want to get into all that paper, glue, and scissors. I already have a room devoted to my quilting stuff, surely I didn't need to claim any more space for scrapbooking.

I bought one of those digital scrapbooking page programs from the electronics store, played around, but it just didn't have the luster I was looking for. I started looking on line and was impressed by what was out there. That was about 16 months ago. Today, I love digital scrapbooking. I love that it's all in one organized space and when the day has been hectic and the kids are finally off in bed, I can spend some time cruising through the web sites looking for all the cute freebies out there.

I still can't convince my 2 work friends to change over to digi, they have too much invested in their paper products. That's okay, we're all in this for the same reason, to document the events that happen around us. I mainly scrap my children, I want them to have something to look back on some day and know just how much I loved them. I try to journal and capture the feelings of the important moments, but also the little things each day that make me smile.

Today I post something very unusual for me. A layout that does not involve my children. Recently SBB celebrated it's 7 th birthday. This site was the one I started off with and I visit regularly. I took part in several of the challenges, one of which was a template challenge. Here's the template and here's my layout. I used a collection called "Weather Watch" by Lindsay Jane, another of my favorite designers who used to sell at SBB, but is now at Pickleberry Pop. I love her stuff.

The photo, actually it was taken by my husband. I usually print out the layouts I make for the kids and put them in their albums. My daughter loves looking through her album, my son could care less. Will I print this LO out, who knows, but it's on the hard drive with the rest of my memories.

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