Monday, November 28, 2011

Our 2011 Christmas Tree

Both_2011-11-27_OurTreeMagicalWonderfulTimeOfTheYear web

Kit is Counting Down to Christmas by Jen C Designs at The Studio.

In the Gallery here.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Jot and Scribble

Sophia_2011-08-18_MyArtistLovesToCreate web

Sophia_2011-11-06_NoMatterWhat web

Kit is Jot and Scribble by Snips and Snails at The Studio.

In the gallery here and here.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Random layouts

Both_2011-08-31_SummersEnd web

Sophia_2010-01-18_AtTheLibary web

Sophia_2011-07-20_PollinAround web 

Sophia_2010-09-13_BeautyOfSeptember web

Sophia_2011-09-02_Embracing web

My Little Monsters



Kit is Monster Mash by Digilicious Designs at The Studio

Happy Thanksgiving

Sophia_2011-11-24_TheGreatDisguiseFarrier web

Both_2011-11-22_GobbleFest web

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Picking a Pumpkin 2011

both_2011-10-08_PickingAPumpkin1 web

Credits in the Trixie Scraps Gallery here.

Me and Sophia–first night together

Sophia_2006-01-08_OnceUponATime web

credits in the gallery

About a Boy

Mitchell_2005-08-25_UpUpUp web

Mitchell_2011-07-09_MovingUpBunkBed-1 web

About a Boy Collab (Ruby Lane Designs and Digilicious Designs) at The Studio

Gallery Links here and here.

Slushie Love

Both_2010-12-31_SlushieLove web

Kit is Penguin Palooza by Mommy Me Time Scrapper.

Gallery Link.

Celebrating Columbus Day - 2011

Sophia_2011-10-10_ColumbusDay_SC_Templation_PB3 web

Kit is Farmer’s Market Mega Collab from The Studio

Gallery link here.



Sophia_2008-04-30_DivaliciousHardwareStore web

Kit is Divalicious by Jen C Designs

Gallery here and here.

Be Happy – Maybe Not

Sophia_2010-02-17_MaybeNot web

Kit is Be Happy by Jen C Designs (in gallery).

Sophia’s Birthday - 2011

Sophia_2011-01-07_OrganPiper01 web

Sophia_2011-01-07_MomentsBirthdayCake_SC_Templation_PB2 web

Kit is Birthday Wishes: Girl kit by Let Me Scrapbook.

In the gallery here and here

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Trixie Scraps Week 2 entry

Mitchell_2011-09-18_DooDooDooILoveYou web

                         Gotta love my little guy cause I sure do.

                        Credits in the Trixie Scraps Designs Gallery

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Blooming Hearts Mini by Let Me Scrapbook

Mitchell_2011-02-14_ValentinesDay_IWillLoveAlwaysLoveYou web

Sophia_2011-02-14_YouAreSoVerySpecialToMe_ValentinesDay2 web

                               In the gallery here and here.

Pool Party Digital Kit by The Kit Cart Designs (The Studio)

Mitchell_2011-07-05_HurricaineHarbor1 web

Sophia_2011-07-20_PoolTime web

                                  In the gallery here and here.

Circus Time by MMTS at STS

Both_2011-06-03_ClowningAround web

                                                In the gallery here.

Sweet Cookin’ Boy by Marie H Designs at The Studio

Mitchell_2009-01-05_MakeBakeEnjoy web

Mitchell_2010-05-10_CookieCreation web

                               In the gallery here and here.

Kit is It's a Buggy Bug World Out There by Ruby Lane Designs at The Studio

Mitchell_2010-05-31_TheGreatOutdoors web

Mitchell_2010-09-04_LifeWithoutLove web

                                 In the gallery here and here.

Sweet Love kit by Ruby Lane Designs

Sophia_2010-04-11_DoughnutMuncher web

Sophia_2011-03-13_mariehd_Heroestemp_template2 web

Ruby Lane Designs – September guest designer at The Studio.

                               In the gallery here and here

Sunday, September 4, 2011

First day of School - 2011

Sophia_2011-09-01_WelcomeToKindergarten2 web

Mitchell_2011-09-01_FirstDaySchool2ndGrade web

          Land of Learning by Marie H Designs (The Studio)

                             In gallery here and here.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Saturday night Speed Scrap

Mitchell_2011-08-30_YouMakeEveryDaySpecial web

                                  Credits in the gallery.

Apple Danny Mega from The Studio

Sophia_2009-09-25_AnAppleADay web

                                              Gallery credits.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Faking it

Mitchell_2011-05-23_FakingIt web 

                              Template challenge at Scrap Orchard

                                             Credits in the gallery.

Sunday, August 28, 2011


Sophia_2011-08-21_Confidence web

        Romantic Mega Bundle from SKrappers Digital at The Studio

                                   Credits in the gallery.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Mom and Sopher’s Day

Sophia_2011-05-20_MomSophersDay web

                 Speed scrap at STS, credits in the gallery here.

Mommy Me Time Scrapper kits…..

Mitchell_2005-04-17_BlackieSmileCauseItHappened web

Both_2011-06-12_MommaRobinItsASpringThing web

                      Credits in the gallery (Here) and (Here).

Recipe challenge at The Studio

Mitchell_2004-04-20_What web

                            Credits in the gallery here.

More quick pages (just trying to catch up!)

Mitchell_2004-05-04_Together web

Sophia_2011-07-18_StayingCoolInThePool web

Mitchell_2004-05-15_It'sABoy web

Bike layouts

Mitchell_2010-04-05_IBike web

Sophia_2009-09-30_ShowOff web

            Mitchell – Riding with Boys by Trixie Scraps (gallery)

              Sophia – Riding with Girls by Trixie Scraps (gallery)