Monday, July 18, 2011

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Bubbles and Poses!!

Sophia_2008-07-29_IBelieveInBubbles web

       Kit is Dew Kissed bundle by Aimee Harrison Designs Studios

Sophia_2010-11-07_StrikeAPose web

                          Violet Heaven Mini Kit by Julie C Designs

                                   Both kits available at The Studio

Shark Bait–Girl’s Day Out

Sophia_2011-07-01_SharkBaitHurricaneHarborB web

Sophia_2011-07-01_SharkBaitHurricaneHarbor web

       Kit is Aloha Summer by Twin Mom Scraps at The Studio

Come Out and Play–Sophia

Sophia_2011-01-17_ComeOutandPlayCalledTheSnowflakes A webSophia_2011-01-17_ComeOutandPlayCalledTheSnowflakes B web

Kit is it’s Snow Cold by Let Me Scrapbook at The Studio

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Mitchell pictures from awhile ago….

Mitchell_2004-03-19_PerfectMoment webMitchell_2004-10-24_PackerBacker webMitchell_2004-10-23_ItsAGuyThing web

Sophia pictures


Sophia_2007-10-05_MyBFFinShower web

Kit is Joy by Dawn Inskip

Sophia_2008-10-11_BadHairDay webSophia_2009-05-01_BlossombyBlossom webKit is Glittery Dusk by Twin Mom Scraps

Sophia_2011-04-29_SunshineGirls web

Retro Spring Kit by Angel Hartline Designs

Sophia_2011-04-06_You web

Dew Kissed Bundle by Aimee Harrison Design Studios

Sophia_2011-05-14_ZanySophia&Bella webFancy Zebra by Mommy Me Time Scrapper

Sophia_2011-07-02_LoveArtEasel web

Affinity Add-on kit by Let Me Scrapbook