Monday, February 20, 2012

Catching up on some posts

both_2011-12-24_SantaIsItTooLate web

Both_2009-04-14_ItsASpringThing webMitchell_2011-05-21_Growing webSophia_2011-10-16_MyWishesForYou webMitchell_2011-12-13_FirstLostTooth webSophia_2011-12-22_TakeYourBearToWorkDay webSophia_2011-11-03_Chocolate&Trouble webMitchell_2012-01-20_What webMitchell_2011-02-08_SweetStuff web

Sophia_2012-01-14_SnowManLikeASnowman webSophia_2012-01-24_IsThatChocolate webBoth_2012-02-14_TweetLoveValentinesDay web

Credits linked to picture in the galleries

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Devilish Grin

Speed Scrap with Aimee of Aimee Harrison Designs Studios this afternoon at The Studio’s Chat room (instead of football)  Winking smile


Sophia_2010-04-02_DevilishGrin web

Credits:  Kit is Age of Innocence by Aimee Harrison Design Studios
WA PNG by Paper Capers Designs from The Studio