Thursday, February 18, 2010

Finding the right place to fit in

I have to admit, since I started posting my layouts more, it has been with the intention of showing off what I can do. I'm not an expect, I've only been at this since November/2008, but I think I've gotten much better. I have about 6 galleries out there, I have to admit there are only a few layouts in each place as I wanted to get a feeling for the site. Some sites are more active then others. Some offer much more praise then others. I think we need to encourage each other along. Nothing is greater then when I have a seasoned scrapper tell me they like something I've done!!!!

In addition, I'm starting to get hooked on some of these challenges they offer. Currently I'm in a progressive scrap and I frequently do the multiple photo challenges to get the free templates. I'm totally a template junky.

So here's the layout I did for the January's collab through GoDigital called Shimmer. I wanted to see if I could do a cool cluster. Thanks for looking.

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