Saturday, February 20, 2010

I have a follower !!!

A big thank you to my first follower.

After some thought and a bunch of postings done yesterday. I decided not to apply to the CT team I was aiming for. It just didn't seem like a good fit for me at this time. I'm still on the hunt for one though.

So today, another of my favorite designers released a new kit called Jr. Aviator.

My husband likes to build AV controlled airplanes. He doesn't do it too much and he hasn't flown one in years, but he and the little guy talk about getting out there and flying one together. In addition, my son has been building this plane out of scrap pieces of wood from the basement for months now. Everytime he finds a bottle cap, the kids call them guppies, he glues it to the plane. It has an old hockey puck for one of the wheels. The other day he took some scrap pieces of wood molding from the basement and painted them to add to the plane at a later day. One day I'll have to get a picture of it.

I regress, anyway, Lliella offered a gift certificate to her store for anybody who submitted a cool layout with her latest kit. I search through my photos and came across some cool pictures of the kids play at our friends house. Wish me luck.

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