Friday, November 26, 2010

A bunch of layouts

I've been scrapping alot this month, but alot of them have been for CT obligations. I usually try to create layouts I'll use for the kids when I do CT stuff, but this month being Thanksgiving and Halloween and Christmas kits gallore I made a bunch of layouts that I'll use in the future with the pictures from the upcoming year of events.

First off - Mitchell wanted to make a pumpkin pie from a real pumpkin. How can a mom say no? Since Dawn was hosting Thanksgiving I could certainly make a homemade pumpkin pie. I stole Sophia's pumpkin from her school field trip - she wasn't too happy with me. Honestly though, it wasn't as much of a pain as I remember it being (my brother and I made one from a real pumpkin a long time ago and that one wasn't very tasty) and it did turn out to be very delicious. I think we had a good pumpkin to make the pie.

This is my progressive scrap from November at The Studio - all I did was change the picture from last years to this years picture, then I made a second page with the additional photos.

Then we step back a little to Trunk or Treat - the school event where the kids go trick or treating from car trunk to car trunk in the school parking lot - it is a load of fun.

And yes - I'm still working on pictures from 2008. I haven't posted this one in the galleries.
and finally just a couple extra layout scrapping a CT kit I voluntered to work with. If you click on the first picture it take you to the gallery with a different picture I originally scrapped it with, until I realized I had already scrapped that picture before, so I just added a different one!

So with that said - happy holidays to you and yours. All images are linked to the layout in The Studio Gallery for proper credit.

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