Saturday, June 12, 2010

Bear's story - Week 3 at STS

Here is my week 3 entry at STS's "This Scrapper's got Talent". Requirements were one picture (could not be of a human or animal) and at least 200 words journaling on a single page (I really could have used 2 pages for this one). I have always wanted to make Sophia a photobook about her and Bear - this will be the opening page and if for some reason I never get to it, the page alone will be in her scrapbook. Credits here. The journaling reads:

This is the story of how a lonely Bear met a beautiful girl and they became the best of friends.

Bear happened to come to his new place of residence by chance. One of the owners of the home, a nurse in her mid-thirties was having her first baby with her husband of 10 years. Bear was presented as a gift to the woman by a very thoughtful co-worker. The soon to be mother loved the little Bear. It’s fur was a soft brown color and very lovely to the touch. Bear had deep, dark black eyes, a small brown mouth, and a silky ribbon with golden yellow and orange strips neatly tied around his neck in the shape of a bow. A cord was tied atop his head so he could be tied to the side of a baby’s bed which allowed access to another cord from his back,
that when pulled, played an ever so sweet lullaby. Bear properly took his place in a corner of the crib, awaiting the day of the arrival of the new baby.

Soon, a beautiful baby boy was born. He wasn’t fond of his crib though. He preferred to cry and cry so that his parents would constantly have to soothe him to sleep. It was perhaps six months after the beautiful little boy was born that he finally went to sleep on his own in his crib. Bear patiently hung in the baby’s crib, happy to watch the young child grow. Unfortunately, the young boy rarely played with Bear. Occasionally, the boy would pull the cord from Bear’s back to hear the music, but the boy soon returned to playing with the other toys in his crib that held more interest to him. Bear remained faithful and continued to live with the boy.

Twenty-two months after the baby boy was born a new baby was welcomed into the home. A beautiful baby girl with dimples in her cheeks. She too preferred to keep the attention of her parents by crying profusely. Bear watched the young family grow. The young boy went to bed early in the evening, but Bear would listen to the parents soothe the little girl to sleep.

One day when the little girl had grown to a tender age of five months, the parents came into the little boys room and quietly looked around. The mother started to remove the bedding and toys from the crib and the father started to disasemble the boy’s crib. The young boy, now a toddler, was moving up to a big boy bed. Bear was scared. The young boy barely paid attention to him. Bear wondered what was going to happen to him. Was he going to be tossed in with the other stuffed animals or worse, was he going to be discarded for not holding the boy’s attention as he should have. Quietly, Bear sat in the boy’s room and watched the situation. The crib was moved out of the boy’s room and across the hall into the little girl’s room. A new mattress was put in, but several of the same toys were returned to their previous place in the crib. Bear’s heart sang as he thought about the chance to watch a new baby grow and perhaps, charm this child with his tender song, but it was not meant to be. Bear was placed at the side of the little boy’s new bed.

Bear never realized he was lonely. He had a content life living in the little boy’s room. There was always something happening in the house to draw his attention to. Bear sighed and continued his place at the side of the little boy. When it was quiet at night and everybody was sleeping, Bear dreamed about being loved by a child. He longed to be held and snuggled and kissed. He dreamed about playing his sweet lullabye to a child as they drifted off to sleep. He yearned to be a comforter, to calm a child who cried, to bring them peace.

One day, Bear noticed that the little girl he often saw being carried by the mother or father was now walking. She was 10 months old and never gave a thought to crawling. Perhaps that was why Bear was suprised to see her walking in her brother’s room. Sometime, soon after the little girl started walking, and nobody can really tell exactly for sure when it happened, the little girl made her way into the little boy’s room, untied that sweet little Bear from her brother’s bed, and claimed that Bear as her own. Luckily, the little boy didn’t
notice his Bear was missing and the parents, seeing how much the little girl loved the Bear, allowed the little girl to call Bear her own.

From that day forward, the little girl and the Bear became best friends. The Bear’s heart was over joyed by the love they shared and the little girl would not accept another toy as unconditionally as her Bear. This is the story of a girl and her Bear.

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  1. Awww! this is such a sweet story! Beautiful memory page, what a treasure it will be!