Sunday, April 25, 2010

A couple new layouts

When I was on vacation I went through alot of my picture files. I had a bunch of duplicates and wanted to get things organized by year. Still trying to catch up on older pictures of the kids. As I went through the photos I put a bunch into different templates to go back and scrap later. So my next couple layouts may be all over the board as far as the time frame goes.
The first is a nice simple collage of the 3 of us in October, I was probably 7 months pregnant with Sophia. We were just horsing aournd in the family room. Template by Kristin's scrap designs from PBP and alpha from MMullens.
The second was from about 10 days ago, Mitchell let go of his kite string in the front yard. Kit is from the daily download at Gotta pixel and template from No Reimer Reason.

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